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Mar. 5th, 2012

All medical procedures are complete.

My SPECT CT scan apparently didn't show up anything unsatisfactory or anything that would explain the neuro-motor symptoms - nice way to spend $280 LOL  But its a baseline, I guess.  I can't tell anything from the pictures - I suppose that's why we pay them the big bucks, but I can't help but feel it is some kind of guess-work...

Had my XRay this morning, and blood tests.  I have a massive bruise on my left inner arm from Friday's injection and another coming up big and purple of my right inner arm from today's vampire attack.  Oh well!  I am hopeful that everything will show up NOTHING at all, but also hope they show up something that explains all my ills and ails but is easily fixed :)  If you know what I mean!

AND the sun has come out!!!  Its been raining non-stop for more than a week.  So nice to see the sun.
Scan went fine.  Other than my feet going to sleep and the pressure on my back starting to really ache after the 20 minute mark, all good.

Xrays on Monday.

Yay for March.  Not long until winter now.  I can't wait until winter!  I hope its really really cold so I can wear long woolly scarves and cardis and snuggle while its icy outside.  Some snow might be nice, though I will probably have to drive to Thredbo for that...  might do that though, to see the snow.

It can not rain.  I've over the rain.  
Gulp-arama mate.

Booked in for a CT Spect scan tomorrow which is a NEEDLE, that is an INJECTION, with a NEEDLE of some sort of dye in the morning and then back 4 hours later for the imaging.

We were going to do MRI, but it would cost about $400.  While the CT Spect is $770 straight up, Medicare will give me $500 back.

And then I'm booked in for an x-ray on Monday morning.

I did the CT one straight away so that I wouldn't be panicking about it all weekend!

They'd better be good images of all the badness in my spine, I tell ya!

PS: Its raining. Make it stop!
So much for my week off.  Had to come in today to finish off the magazine, which was meant to be completed 2 weeks ago.  And it isn't even ready anyway!!  So I was going to come in today and have Monday off, but now have to be here today and Monday.

*le sigh*

My physio is very disappointed with the progress I've been making.  While my foot generally feel stronger, the referred pain and neuro/motor cramps in my left leg are still very regular and debilitating.

So she is sending me for new imaging, xray and MRI, to check on the state of degeneration in my L4/L5/S1 spine, to see whether the osteophytes are seriously gliding my nerves, and whether anything is obviously wrong there.

She also prepared me for ... SPINAL. SURGERY.  I knew this was a possibility since my teens when I first had a disc rupture, but the possibility is now very real and very imminent if my symptoms remain so debilitating and consistent.  She has worked with a neurologist, who she says is one of the best in Canberra, and therefore Australia (and coming from her, who is reputed as one of the top physios in the territory who lectures at the national uni, that's pretty impressive), and said that if it comes to that, she will get me in to him for recommendations.  He apparently isn't the kind of person who will suggest surgery unless it is 100% necessary. 

More physio on Tuesday, doctors on Thursday and imaging after that.  I have to try and dig out my old radiology... 

And BTW, thanks to my weekly and sometimes twice-weekly physio appointments: I AM SO SKINT BROKE.  I had $6 in my bank account last week.  I'm having to start tapping my savings account.  Sucks.

Oh, and for the record: my new computer has a cordless keyboard and (I don't know if this is true of all wireless keyboards, or just mine) I type faster than it can keep up with and so letters get missed out sometimes!!!!  I try to go back and fix them, but often miss them.  I find it funny.  I'm a reasonably fast typer, but that's just silly!
Okay, so work is seriously pissing me off at the moment.  It is just getting worse and worse and I want to hit something.

Firstly, our President is crazy.  Literally.  We started noticing it last year and it has been quickly getting worse.  I'm not sure is it is dementia or Alzheimer's maybe mixed in with some Aspergers or similar, but he has lost it and is in complete denial.  We've tried to mount a gentle coup and he went totally fucking nuts.  So we are trying to get rid of him.  Its really sad and everything, but he is really annoying and making our work life hell.

And then there's the Director.  I think she might be heading down a similar route.  She's always been a total martyr and completely self-absorbed, but it is getting ridiculous.  'There's only so much one brain and process', 'I'm only one person and I'm the only one who can do it', 'It all takes time and I have so many important things to do'.  Well maybe if you weren't so inefficient, stuff would get done faster!  And better!  She thinks she's is so indispensable, but actually she is nearly as damaging to the actual running of this place as a business as the dead head President. 

Guess what, we are all busy!  We are trying to run a national association with only 2.5 people in the office, I FUCKING GET IT!  My mum is at the end of her tether, I am bloody ropeable that I am ready to walk out if she so much as mutters 'oh dear, oh dear, so much to do' again like she's been doing over in her corner all week (month, year).

I try to just sit here and zen out with my bright red retro headphones on and music blaring, but then she just calls out for some obscure information that I've either already told her 5 times, or she should know anyway in her capacity as the head of the bloody organisation!  She can't even do a simple membership enquiry.  FFS.

And don't even get me started on the magazine.  She is the editor, and it is her absolute lowest priority.  I have organised article and pictures and had them ready for her to edit (again, she is the only one who can possibly do it) for MONTHS and she leaves it to a couple of days to deadline and we ARE LATE AGAIN.  I am sick of lying to people about dates that stuff will be done and then it NEVER being done because we have to rely on this person to deign to spend time on it.  

I KNOW I should be grateful to have a cushy, well-paid job (even though all my pay atm is going to physio) but the grating is starting to wear through.

Feb. 17th, 2012

All the feeeeeelings.  Fass on Top Gear this weekend:

Feb. 14th, 2012


Skinner ♥ Scully
Doggett ♥ Scully
Reyes ♥ Scully
Scully ♥ Mulder
Mulder ♥ Mulder

Weirdest love pentagon I ever saw.

Still, what is not to ♥ about Scully?

Feb. 14th, 2012

Long time no post!

I don't know if I'm being especially touchy today, or what, but people are being real bitches.  Accusing me of not doing things that I had already done days ago, being incredibly short about tiny little things that I have no control over, blaming my emails (bulk email bulletins) for crashing their computer...

And its only Tuesday.

I might ask if I can have all of next week off.  The magazine will be out on Friday, so nothing will be urgent.  And I have more than 7 weeks leave that I need to use up (not counting the approx 30 hours time in lieu which I will likely forfeit because we can never have time off - hence the 2 months annual leave).

Is as boring as usual.  I have finished an awesome wrist cuff, knitted in linen stitch (new for me, had to teach myself).  But I have no buttons and it needs 3.  I really want 3 long diamond-shaped wooden ones but the Intawabs has failed me.  I have asked Derwood to whittle me some!! lol  He said he'd try.

I've started a one-per-season SG-1 rewatch, which is really fun.  One ep from each season, usually one I wouldn't automatically pick when wanted a random Stargate episode.  

So far I have watched up to season 6:
Tin Man
Thor's Chariot
Fair Game
Chain Reaction


I get to see my wonderful Caroline!Physio today YAY!  She's so lovely.  I will tell her about how my neck is really sore and my arm tingles and she will mend me!

Dentist on Thursday, boooooo.  Not good for a sore neck or a sore back.  Rather good for sore teeth, so its a toss up there...

Thanks to physio and dentistry I'm skint broke.  I haven't put any money in my savings since before xmas.  

Blah blah blahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

My new computer is so far working well - only trouble is that it is a touch screen and the screen is filthy like a filthy thang!  Liekwhoa.  I need to now install PaintShop, VideoLAN, etc so I can make with the fannish stuffs, yay!  Good stuff to do when having a week off work... will ask now.  

YES!  Next week off!

Writer's Block: Party of Five

Stephen Fry
James May
Geoffrey Rush
Sue Perkins

If you could invite four people-living or dead- to a dinner party, who would they be?
Stuffing envelopes is not just psychological torture but, when one has an upper trapezius injury, physical torture, and I think should be classified as such under international law.

Although I am getting paid for it, so does that make it masochism??

1847 songs on my iPod and nothing to listen to.  But even music I don't feel like listening to makes the envelope stuffing marginally more tolerable.

Yes, I'm in pain and I'm grumpy.  Don't talk to me!  Doesn't help that work is pissing me off in general too.