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Went to the physio this morning after feeling really good for the past few weeks.  4 weeks with no physio visit YAY!  But something has happened between morning and lunch and I am now in absolute disabling agony from hip to hip, can't put my feet down, bend, extend, move in general.  I tried a short walk to see if I could walk it out, but just made it worse to the point of tears.

Not happy Jan.  And I had made my next appointment for another 4 weeks away from now.  But its the weekend now (well, in 2 hours) so can't do anything but drugs and heat anyway.  Fingers crossed its better on Monday, or I will call the physio and cry.

At the moment, with 2 more hours of work, I have taken every pain pill I had in my handbag and have my headphones on playing music really loud .

Work is sucking because no one will do the work they are meant to do so I can do the work I'm meant to do.  Seriously, I asked for the segments of the Annual Report no less than 7 weeks ago - it is due to go to the printers on Monday and do I have them?  That'd be negatory.  FFS, its about 600 words she needs to write and nothing.  So I'm looking like a fool saying to the printers I'll have it to them on Monday.  But, on the other hand, it was fun doing the designing and stuff.

Ow ow ow ow ow!!

I am so bummed that House is finishing.  I'm still a little in denial.  There is nothing on the telly and I've rewatched everything I own recently.

Currently knitting some leg warmers - totally 80s, I know, but they are purple and stripey so I don't care.  Not like I'd wear them in public, der.  I've nearly finished one of them.  And I have some gorgeous yarn to make some socks and some arm warmers. 

Pinterest has overtaken Tumblr for me.  I still check a couple of my Tumblr tags (knitting, Stephen Fry, typography), but I'm only there a few times a week.

Follow me if you like - Stephicozar, same as everywhere.  Pinterest is a funny animal, because its something they we interwebz users have always done (i.e. harvesting pretties and inspiring things) but it makes it all online and social.  I like it :)


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May. 5th, 2012 09:15 am (UTC)
Boo sucks for your boss :o( They're all wankers. And feel much better soon! *hug*
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