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Thanks LJ, but I really don't want, or need, to keep up to date with Britney.

Work is Crazy with a capital OMGWTF!TFIF

But next week, oh, next week:
  • Write the national Annual Report (I've done about 5 of 10 sections - but they were the easy ones)
  • Design the national Annual Report for printers
  • Write and design sponsorship prospectus for national awards x2
  • Research and develop cold-canvassing mailing lists for potential sponsors of national awards x2
  • Draft timelines and checklists for national awards x2
  • Contact judges for national publication design awards to confirm dates
  • Organise event for state branch members for curator tour of new blockbuster - will get help with that one
  • Start drafting grant application for federal funding for indigenous and remote delegate bursaries for national conference
  • Follow up on commissioned articles for magazine and update editor and designer with what we have atm
  • Process membership because I haven't done that in 2 weeks and people will get grumpy
  • Go to the post office in the city
But it gets better:
  • Monday night: boss (as in the big boss) is staying at my house because her house is being de-asbestos-ed and there are no motels available on Monday night - and she has no car
  • Tuesday: all day workshop on using social media for not-for-profits - I didn't even want to go but boss insisted
  • I will be the only one in the office from Wednesday onwards
At home this weekend:
  • Clean bathroom - I swear something will start growing in the shower - but Derwood just doesn't see it.. maybe because the mirror is all smudgy and gross...
  • Clean front porch - the cobwebs are starting to wig me out ... in the sense that one could get a wig of cobwebs from walking to/from the front door
  • Clean the kitchen - pantry, fridge, surfaces, floors
  • Vacuum - will get the Derwood to do that, the Dyson hurts my ears
  • Watch Jeeves & Wooster
  • Read Jeeves & Wooster
  • Immerse myself fully in the world that is PG Wodehouse
  • Frontline the Sassy Cat
  • Clean out the bird's house
  • Do the grocery shopping
  • Finish knitting my drop stitch scarf
  • Update blogs with all my latest crafty completions
  • Play Batman: Arkham City
  • Play Sims 2
  • Make bed for visiting boss