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Quick update before disappearing again :)  No, I'll try not to disappear... really... I'm sorry for ignoring you LJ. 

Things what are going well in Stephiland:
  1. My knitting!  I will have to post pics, I know, to chronicle my efforts.  I've made 2 pairs of slippers, 2 scarves, a calf warmer (a single leg warmer, that I use to keep my calf warm to avoid cramping) and I'm halfway through a crocheted Ewok!  I spend all my lunch times on Ravelry now, instead of Facebook or Tumblr LOL
  2. My lumbar spine is making progress, I am now down to physio appointments every 2 or 3 weeks, instead of 1-2 times every week.  I didn't make this last 3 weeks, had to go in today because my thoracic is broken (see not good going things)
  3. Work is as sucky as ever, but some things have been happening at a Council level that will give me more administrative power over a couple of programs, like the national awards and the design awards. I'm currently practising my long-forgotten report-writing skills trying to write the Annual Report.  Not an easy task as I'm really trying to make it nationally-focused, not just the National Office, which is what all the previous ones have been. I've written thousands of words, but still have way more to go.
  4. Long weekend!  Not only is it choccie weekend, but I get Tuesday and Wednesday off next week.  6 days weekend and 2 day week.  Boss is going away next week so can't have the whole time off :(
  5. Fry & Laurie loves.  I am on a Fry & Laurie kick.  I've dug out all my old tapes (yes, tapes!) of Fry & Laurie and Blackadder, and bought the complete series of Jeeves & Wooster.  So my long weekend is set.  Playing computer games, knitting/crocheting and watching the wonders that are Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie.
  6. Its nearly winter and I'm looking forward to it so much!  People think I'm crazy, but I hope its going to be really cold so I can wear all my lovely scarves and socks and woolly jumpers (sweaters) and wrist warmers and arm warmers.
  7. There were CAMELS at work last week.  For the opening of a new exhibition.  Camels make everything good!
Things what are going not as well as the previously mentioned going well things:
  1. Money!  My physio has taken a real toll on my bank account.  While I happily still have plenty of money each fortnight to be able to do things like go to the physio, buy the occasional DVD, lunch etc, and all the regular bills like car payments and food, I am saving NOTHING.  So no way I'll be able to go on holidays to the UK this year.  Looks like next year :(  it makes me feel very unaccomplished, and like I work really hard for nothing, and a total loser at life, especially when there are people all around me who just pop overseas for a holiday, and buy business class tickets and whatever. I used to be poor, I know what its like, and I am incredibly frugal now when I have money, but still, it sucks.
  2. We have rats in the walls at home.  OMF trousers!  Rats.  Yuck.  Pest man came this morning to put baits and traps in the ceiling.  Can't put them under the house because of my kitty and all the other cats that use our house as some sort of Cat Central Station. 
  3. My thoracic spine is mucking up, and hence my shoulders and neck.  Has been for a few weeks now but this weekend gone it was excruciating and I couldn't move my arms!  Its a Catch-22 in that when my lumbar spine is hurting, I slouch to relieve the pressure the disc causes on the nerve, and that aggravates my thoracic and neck, which, when sore, makes me tense and twisted, which aggravated my lumbar spine.  Thus the life serial that is my spine!
  4. I am still completely unmotivated to be at all fannish and this really makes me sad.  I love seeing what everyone else is going as far as art and meta and fic, but I just can't do it myself. I made a couple of Upstairs Downstairs gifs and some QI caps, but gave up half way through.  How do you guys keep motivated?


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Apr. 4th, 2012 07:38 am (UTC)
Ewoks for the win! I met one once... well, I met Warwick Davis, who was an Ewok when he was about 11. Yay for all the good things, boo for all the sucky things :( especially the pain and the lack of savings. Want to see you! Still, it'll be fantastic whenever you get over here.

I know what you mean about fannish stuff. I seem to be too busy to watch TV anymore and there's nothing I want to watch, or it's on too late. Although, I think I could get into Warehouse 13. I always did like Jane Espensen's writing in Buffy. I can't remember the last time I read or wrote fic.

As if you're into Upstairs, Downstairs! I used to love that show when I was a kid. And camels FTW!

I'm glad you're back. I missed yooooou!! *gentlehug*
Apr. 5th, 2012 02:42 am (UTC)
I'll post progress pics of my Wicket the Ewok. He is gonna be awesomely cute! Warwick Davis is the best.

I so totally want to visit you too! And lots of other things LOL. I really really really am trying for next year. I guess it actually works out better because I will miss the feral O word mayhem. *shudder*

The new incarnation of Upstairs Downstairs is the best show on the telly atm imho :) Love it to bits. The Duke of Kent rocks socks.

Love Jane Espenson. Her work on Battlestar Gallactica was always entertaining, and she's still writing some of the Buffy comics (must go get the latest one this weekend..) I'm completely off current television shows other than House (only 7 more eps til its finished :( ). Upstairs and Sanctuary aren't confirmed for new seasons, but Sherlock and QI should be back in a few months. Otherwise, I just rewatch DVDs.
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